The fate of a nation can be predicted by looking at the state of its young generation. With all the social ills and crises that we are facing now, it is critical and timely that more organisations step forward to play active roles in helping our young ones to move towards all that is right.

When Khalifah Institute was established by Prof. Muhammad Al’Mahdi in 2006, his sole intention was to create a transforming generation that will propel the society towards a fully and truly Islamic world – a world where Islam is rightly understood and practiced.

Khalifah Education Foundation carries this aspiration forward. Khalifah Training Academy (KTA) is responsible for developing the Khalifah Method training module and conducting training programmes to be shared with as many people as possible.
Through KTA, we are reaching out to parents, teachers, and professionals groups. Through these training programs participants are empowered to be agents of positive change. It is crucial that all members of the society go through a shift in paradigm to create a new parenting and education culture. It takes a village to raise a child.
The Foundation also seeks to spread this knowledge and experiences with other educational institutions so that they, too, can benefit from it. Khalifah Method is not an exclusive knowledge and knowledge can only be meaningful when it is taught to and shared with others.


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Self-Excellence Seminar
better world
Khalifah Parenting Seminar
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Bengkel Aqil Baligh (for boys and girls)
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Khalifah Method Workshop for Teachers
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Khalifah Youth Training


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