The Khalifah Method is an approach that is developed based on the premise that, if any individual or social group is given two things, that individual or social group will naturally and inevitably move toward everything that is good and right. The two things are:
The Khalifah Method of approach constitutes three pillars, which, if internalized in our interpersonal communication with our children (and other individuals around us), is effective in helping us to raise children to become good Khalifah of Allah. Inevitably, we will develop a society that loves everything that Allah has made right for us dislikes profoundly everything that Allah has told us is wrong.


khalifah method invidual
Teach our children (and the people around us) about their role as Khalifah of Allah. Do this in a way that lets them feel in their hearts how this is the most exciting, glorious honour that they could ever receive. At least several times every day find different positive ways to remind your children (and the people around us) that they are Khalifah of Allah.
khalifah method giving
At least several times every day find different ways to reward our children (and the people around us) – mainly with warm and loving praise – for good things that they do or good characteristics that they show.
khalifah method communication
Set firm reasonable rules for your children and explain the reason for these rules. Apply these rules consistently with ‘kind discipline’, which means without harshness. This is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam).


I am a Khalifah of Allah, it is my responsibility to:
individual good
Make myself good

Helps others become good

better world

Make the physical world good, clean and beautiful pleasing to Allah

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